BG Kids and Preteens Fall Curriculum Series

Melody Pfeffer   -  

BG Nursery/Toddler and Pre-School

Our Nursery and Preschool classrooms are using Frolic curriculum. Developed by early childhood experts, Frolic resources are the first to introduce little ones to faith concepts in age-appropriate ways. Frolic’s curriculum focuses on helping kids explore faith concepts in the way they know best—through play!

Each Frolic Preschool lesson follows the same plan, with time for gather, play, songs and stories. More than half the lesson is focused on play—allowing them to engage with a creative play space to experience the faith lesson the way that they know best (and create materials to share at home!)

BG Early Elementary School

Kindergarten through 3rd graders are continuing to be taught with our Dig In Curriculum. DIG IN Sunday school curriculum guides kids to new discoveries about God, creating a firm and comprehensive foundation of faith to last a lifetime. DIG IN uses creative, multisensory and engaging experiences that immerse our kids in deep Bible learning, helping them know Jesus personally and grow in relationship with him.

BG Preteens

BG Preteens will be starting back in the Fall with our Preteen Be Bold Curriculum, which helps teach the preteens how to be disciple makers by encouraging them to do weekly mission projects in their home and neighborhoods.