Disciples Path – The Way

Rev. Ben Lovell   -  

The first step in becoming a disciple-maker is learning how to be a better disciple as we follow after the example of Christ. That’s why we’re excited to continue the Disciples Path series of studies at Blue Grass Church!

Disciples Path is an intentional series of six 5-6 week studies “founded on Jesus’ model of discipleship. Created by experienced disciple makers, it offers an intentional pathway for transformational discipleship and a way to help followers of Christ move from new disciples to mature disciple makers.”

We’ll be offering each of the studies on a two year rotation that will provide you with the opportunity to complete the full series during that time, or pick and choose the sessions that fit in your schedule.

Our next study The Way launches on Sunday, April 23rd at 10:45am and will be led by Pastor Ben Lovell. We’ll be meeting at the Main Campus following our 9:45am worship service for a time of conversation and community.

The Way is an intentional 5-session disciple-making study that acquaints disciples with the way Jesus calls, teaches, equips, and sends His followers.

Focusing on the journey of Jesus’ original disciples, The Way helps growing disciples walk through the Gospels, following Jesus and His methods.”

I hope you’ll join me as together we grow to be disciples who make disciple for the glory of God!

Go HERE to sign up today!

-Pastor Ben