Blue Grass Café Updates

Jody Heiman   -  

Please stop by and welcome Jeff and Kristie Thompson as our new café managers!

They’re excited to hit the ground running, and wanted to make everyone aware of some changes we’ll be seeing in the Blue Grass Café moving forward.

  • The café is now serving Humble Joe’s coffee which has gotten rave reviews during taste testing by some of our regulars
  • Coffee refills are now $1.00 (a 25 cent decrease!)
  • Liquid creamers are available
  • Almond milk is available for those with dairy allergies
  • The café will now be open on Sundays until 10:45am, and will be selling half-priced pastries for those who want to purchase something following the 9:45am service.
  • Café volunteer times are available on Sundays from 8-9am and 9-9:45am. If interested in serving one hour in the café on Sundays, please email Kristie.

All proceeds from the café go to missions.

We appreciate your continued support of the Blue Grass Café, and look forward to serving you!